1.0 Sarah's Stamping Style: A Successful Challenge!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Successful Challenge!

I was very honoured this morning to sit at my computer and find that my card had been chosen for the Stamper's Showcase over at Stamping 411.Out of 56 entries the team had chosen 5 to showcase and mine was one of them!
I was very happy with this card, and am glad to see that others have also taken a liking to it! Thanks to everyone that has left a comment for me! You are very kind and I love to read them all.
Now to part with this card!! My daughter tried to claim it for a birthday card for one of her friends today....but I am not ready to let go of it yet. :)

This card is also going to feature in Crafty Picks #7 over at My Crafty World tomorrow. So keep an eye out.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits my blog. I am really enjoying this, should have done it sooner!


  1. Sarah I LOVE this card of yours! That little girl reminds me of my daughter when she was little! lol

    Thanks so much for leaving Maddy some comment love - she was stoked to have 2 comments already!


  2. It is beautiful! I can see why the 411 crew chose it!! Congrats!!

  3. This one is stunning!! No wonder you got an award!!


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