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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Bunting

Hi there! I'm back.

I hope you haven't forgotten me, it's been a while. I had a lovely Christmas break with hubby and the girls. We went away for a little over a week and spent lots of time at the beach. I was too busy enjoying them to do any blogging and since then a few other things have gotten in the way and it seems to have taken me a while to get the enthusiasm back!

I have still been making cards and checking my google reader feed. I also got hopelessly addicted to Pinterest over the last few months! Gee you can spend a lot of time on there! I seemed to be pinning a LOT, spending all my time pinning and not using the inspiration.

So in the last few weeks I have made the effort to use the pins to inspire some cards. Love it! I am going to start a board showing what I have made from the pins, so I feel some accomplishment from all that pinning I think! ;)

Now among other things, I love a bunting. They seem to be very popular in the card making world at the moment. I saw the most gorgeous card on Pinterest and had to make it! I pinned it onto my 'caseable cards' board...but unfortunately the pic isn't linked to a website, so I can't recognise the original artist! If anyone recognises this card, please let me know, so that I can link back to it's original creator!

Here is my card...

Very similar to the original, with a few additions/changes. This card for for the sweet daughter of a very dear friend of mine. I hope she liked it!

Here are some close up shots.

I also made a matching gift tag to go with the card.

I have made a heap of stuff since my previous post (last year!), so in theory I should be back soon with more to show you! See how I go......

Please leave me a comment, I hope there are still some followers out there after all this time ;)

S xx


  1. Glad to hear you had a great break!
    I discovered Pinterest not so long ago, and I love it!
    What a fabulous card Sarah. Love the glittery clouds and the pretty pink banners. The matching tag looks great.

  2. So nice to see you back! And what a card to showcase on your comeback! It is delightful, Sarah. Love the clouds, the pink, the bunting - all of it. So sweet :)

  3. Welcome back! Such a sweet card, love the soft pink and the bunting, clouds, glitter...the whole thing is gorgeous.

  4. I am very interesting in learning more!See you on Tuesday! Guess who?

  5. Such a sweet design Sarah. :)


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